Dual Battery System for Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 Aircraft

Finnoff Aviation Products has obtained FAA approval for a dual lead-acid battery system for Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 aircraft.

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The Concorde RG380E/44 and RG380E/60L batteries are both approved for this installation. Only these Concorde lead acid batteries are acceptable.

Finnoff Aviation Products Provides Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft Batteries


In the event of an engine failure, or dual generator failure, the single battery PC-12 can supply power for 20 minutes if the load is reduced below 60 amps. The Finnoff Aviation Products Dual Battery System will double, or more than double, the time you have with electrical power to deal with your emergency and land safely; up to 45 minutes of electrical power with the high capacity RG380E/60L option (68 minutes if the load is reduced below 50 amps).

Quick Turn-Around

During rapid "turn-around" of an aircraft in hot weather it may be necessary to "dry motor" the engine prior to start-up for the next leg of your journey. This process involves turning the engine, using only battery power, in order to force cooling air through it. Unfortunately, "dry motoring" the engine can deplete the battery to the point that it doesn't have sufficient energy left for an efficient start once fuel is introduced. This can cause the exact problem you were trying to avoid – a hot start or aborted start. Our Dual Battery System allows for much higher remaining battery capacity after "dry motoring", greatly improving the likelihood of a good start.

Finnoff Aviation Products Provides Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft Replacement Batteries

Engine Life

The Dual Battery System provides higher starting power leading to faster, therefore cooler, engine starts. This prolongs engine life. Dual RG-380E/44 batteries increase starting power (watts) by about 25%. Dual RG-380E/60L batteries yield about 50% more starting power vs. a single RG-380E/44.

Extreme Cold

The higher capacity and higher starting power provided by the Dual Battery System greatly increases the likelihood of a successful engine start in extreme cold.


The dual battery kit is only available through authorized Pilatus Service Centers. Suggested retail price, not including batteries, is $39,500.00. Batteries can be purchased from the Service Centers and Service Center installation charges will apply.

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