Innovative Solutions & Support Announces New Upgrades for the PC-12

Includes Partnership with World-Renowned PC-12 Expert Chris Finnoff

EXTON, Pa.—July 1, 2008—Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISSC - News) today announced upgrades to its avionics program for the PC-12, including a significant new sales channel and enhanced features for current and future owners.

Central to its enhanced PC-12 program is Innovative Solutions & Support’s new partnership with Finnoff Aviation, which will serve as an independent sales agent for the IS&S Cockpit/IP™ Flat Panel Display System for PC-12 aircraft. Led by Chris Finnoff, the former president of Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd , Finnoff Aviation will bring over 50 years of industry expertise to IS&S.

"The Pilatus PC-12 is the most functional, versatile and economic aircraft on the market," says Finnoff. "The high quality and functionality of the IS&S Flat Panel Display System provides a perfect fit that will upgrade the current fleet and continue to make the PC-12 the most desirable aircraft on the market."

Key enhancements to the IS&S Flat Panel Display System for the PC-12 include:

  • A single-sided cockpit option. IS&S will offer customers a single-side Cockpit/IP retrofit as a low-cost alternative, with the option of completing the full display at a later date.
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) programming. Currently in development, this feature will be available in the second quarter of 2009, providing WAAS capability for both single-side and full-cockpit display architectures, allowing PC-12 operators to fly precision approaches at smaller airports.
  • Group Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) certification. RVSM certification will be available for all the IS&S cockpit configurations for the PC-12. This certification will allow PC-12 pilots access to the more fuel efficient RVSM airspace (at flight level 290 and above).

"We’re very excited to reveal these new offerings and enhancements to our PC-12 customers, partners and prospects," says Ray Wilson, CEO of IS&S. "We are now able to reach an entirely new potential customer base with the help of Finnoff Aviation, present new options in the single-side cockpit, and deliver the most advanced technology with WAAS programming and RSVM certification to all our customers. We look forward to working closely with Finnoff and continuing to build our PC-12 program with additional benefits in the future."

About Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc.

Headquartered in Exton, Pa., Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. ( designs, manufactures and markets flight information computers, electronic displays and advanced monitoring systems that measure and display critical flight information. This includes data relative to aircraft separation (RVSM), airspeed and altitude, as well as engine and fuel data measurements.

About Finnoff Aviation

Based in Boulder, CO, Finnoff Aviation specializes exclusively in the sales, purchase and brokering of the pre-owned Pilatus PC-12 and the PC-12 products. The single-engine turboprop is manufactured in Switzerland, has 8-11 seats, with a large standard 52" x 53" cargo door. Finnoff is the former and founding President of Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd. Of Broomfield, CO, which serves North and South America. For more information, contact Chris Finnoff at 303.404.0119 or visit

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