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Finnoff Aviation Products is an international company that serves as an Authorized Representative for a series of Performance Products.

A new engine and propeller advances the PC-12 experience.
  • Propeller+Engine-8280_fs
    A new engine and propeller advances the PC-12 experience.
  • Engine-0914-002-Large
    Boost speed and climb rate with an engine upgrade.
  • Propeller-0942-Large
    The MT propeller reduces noise - inside and out.
  • Avionics-IS&S-3-Dual10-Large
    A Flat Panel Display System enhances readability.
  • Propeller-7170
    Improve climb performance with the MT five-bladed propeller.


Pratt & Whitney Engine Upgrade

The advanced engine technology of the Pilatus NG series is now available to operators of the Pre-NG Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. Finnoff Aviation Products holds the exclusive Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) PT6A-67P engine upgrade. P&W provides the 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

PC-12 Five-Bladed Propeller

The German MT Propeller can replace the four-bladed Hartzell HC-E4A-3D/E10477K aluminum propeller. It is both FAA and EASA certified and provides many performance improvements. A primary determinant of propeller noise is the tip speed. The shorter blades of a five-bladed propeller reduce this speed, as well as the cockpit and cabin noise.

IS&S Cockpit/IP Flat Panel Display System

Independent sales agent for the IS&S Cockpit/IP™ Flat Panel Display System for PC-12 aircraft. Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. has a well-deserved reputation for "excellence in design and technology," which is demonstrated in their glass panel display.

Beechcraft King Air 200 Five-Bladed Propeller

The MT five-bladed propeller is also FAA certified for the following Beechcraft aircraft models: 200, 200C, 200TC, 200T, A200(C-12A), A200(C-12C), A200CT(C-12D), A200CT(C-12F), A200CT(RC-12D), A200CT(FWC-12D), A200CT(RC-12G), A200CT(RC-12H), B200, B200C, B200CGT, B200CT, B200GT, and B200T.


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Finnoff Aviation Products has an exciting new FAA-approved Dual Battery System for Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC12/47 aircraft. In the event of an engine failure, or dual generator failure, the single battery PC-12 can supply power for 20 minutes if the load is reduced below 60 amps. The Finnoff Aviation Products' Dual Battery System will at least double the time you have with electrical power to deal with your emergency and land safely. See the Batteries page or the PDF for details.

Contact us for more information about this or our other Performance Products, such as Pilatus PC-12 engine upgrades, which will enhance your flying experience.

Download our new four-page Pilatus PC-12 engine upgrade brochure

Download our Pilatus PC-12 engine upgrade brochure

Aircraft Sales

In addition to providing you with aircraft performance products and upgrades, our Finnoff Aviation affiliate sells and brokers clean preowned Pilatus PC-12 airplanes. Finnoff Aviation and Finnoff Aviation Products are a complete, trusted resource for the international aircraft community. Visit Finnoff Aviation.